Denny Schneidemesser

Armor                              9
HP                              3
Speed                              2
Stamina                              3
Cost                              8
Luck                              8


is a self-taught composer, animator, and game developer. He started composing in 2007 at age 22 with no prior training or musical background and primarily studied the works of composers like James Horner, John Williams, and Hans Zimmer. In 2012, he released his first album The First Five Years, which included a 20-minute piece titled Dreams of Flight. In 2018, Denny began work on his first indie game, based on music he composed of the same name called Lightyears from Home. Like with music, he taught himself thru online resources and experimentation with Unreal Engine, Maya, and other tools.


Armor                              3
HP                              7
Speed                              7
Stamina                              9
Cost                              2
Luck                              1


, like the rest of the team, is self-taught. He started programming and making games at age 12, composing music and creating short films at 14, and trading stocks at 18. At 21, he automated his trading, and at 24, he created the company as a vehicle for his wide-ranging interests and those who share them. He also plays tennis with two rackets, fears boredom, and rarely sleeps.


Armor                              1
HP                              2
Speed                              9
Stamina                              7
Cost                              5
Luck                              4


is a self-taught composer, animator, and game developer, best known for music in Castle Crashers and Geometry Dash. He started composing in 2002 at age 13, initially uploading to Newgrounds before expanding to platforms like YouTube and Spotify. He was one of the earliest composers on Newgrounds to build a significant fanbase alongside artists like ParagonX9 and F-777. He frequently creates full-fledged animations to go along with his music and hand-draws pixel art from scratch. His other interests include photography and games - including development of his own titled Welkin.

A company of self-taught coders, composers, and artists
with an autonomous AI behind the scenes.
An Island for creative endeavors
dependent on nothing and beholden to no one.
Built to do anything
by people who do everything.
Autodidactic Polymaths     Imagine a self-sustaining company that generates revenue year after year on its own with no work done by any human being. Autodidactic is such a company, where revenue is automated by a fully autonomous AI and the humans can focus solely on creative endeavors
     Our team consists of self-taught individuals each skilled in many fields. All of us are equally artists, engineers, and mad scientists at heart. We grew up online as gamers and have gone on to treat the world as our sandbox. We all share a hunger and curiosity that comes only from interest in both programming and finance, math and literature, art and science,

polymath and autodidact

     A typical day can go from creating games, music, and short films to building bots that take on the stock market. If our projects change the world so be it, but we bow down to no one. We've built an engine that lets us tackle any project we can think of, pursue any idea we can dream of, and we’re looking for others who, like us, have a strong sense of adventure, a healthy level of insanity, and a genuine desire to take over the world... just because we can. Bahaha!

Note we are spread across the world and divide time across New York, California, Norway, and Japan.
Autodidactic Funds
     Autodidactic Funds LLC (AiFunds) is the investment management subsidiary of Autodidactic responsible for The Tech Trader Fund, a fully autonomous hedge fund where investments are managed entirely by machine. The technology behind this is Tech Trader, an autonomous trading system which has been live for over 11 years with no human intervention. The fund itself was launched in 2015.

     There are no tweaks, no updates. It is fully automated trading in the truest sense. Whereas many "automated" or "AI" funds may have a hundred scientists providing the actual intelligence behind the curtain, the creator of Tech Trader is only one individual who is also the sole human in the firm.

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Tech Trader is created by pftq and owned by pftq Holdings LLC. AiFunds is a licensed user.
Autodidactic Studios
     Autodidactic Studios: Self-taught coders, composers, and artists with an autonomous AI behind the scenes. If our projects change the world so be it, but we bow down to no one. Bahaha!