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Epic Music. Techno-Orchestral Music. Fast Japanese Koto Music.

Free for non-commercial use. Contact for commercial use.

Sync Licensing, Royalty-Free Use, Original Music

     Autodidactic Studios is a collective started by Waterflame, Denny Schneidemesser, and pftq. All music is our own and requires no further clearing (one stop and easy clear).

     For non-commerical use, the music is free / royalty-free, as long as the work is not just a reupload of the music and you credit the corresponding composer. On YouTube, there may be a copyright notice, but it is not a strike and does not harm your channel.

     For commercial use or to be excluded from content-id, contact us at Music supervisors can also find our music on Disco for sync licensing, and we are open to commissions.

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Where Our Music Has Been Used

Lightyears from Home (2023)Genshin Impact: Nameless Road (2022)Dusk's Flight (2022)Roblox (2022)Svartelista (2020)Fox Fires (2019)Castlestorm 2 (2019)Hotshot Racing (2019)Deathless Dungeon (2019)Evil Nature (2018)Rocket Wars (2017)Toy Stunt Bike (2017)Age of War 2 (2017)Infinite Minigolf (2017)Tenebrae: Twilight of the Gods (2016)Geometry Dash (2016)Racing Apex (2016)Breaking Even (2016)Layerz (2015)Move or Die (2015)Dots! (2015)Super Adventure Pals (2015)Beat Da Beat (2015)Crabitron Kinect (2015)Oh My Goat! (2015)Stick War Legacy (2015)Tiny Nomad (2014)Fox Rush (2014)Space is Key 2 (2014)Wolfsong (2013)Sapling (2013)Alien with a Magnet (2013)Great Forest Challenge (2013)Above Average Guy (2013)Castlestorm (2013)Somebody's Hero (2012)Crayon Dragon (2012)Novus Aeterno (2012)Siegius (2011)Raze (2011)Strikeforce Heroes (2011)KawaiiRun (2010)Castle Crashers (2009)Mecha Pumble (2005)